“Eileen’s compassion and skills will cure the toughest writer’s block and build confidence in those exploring journal writing for the first time. These are Immediate and actionable techniques, and you will learn something every time!”
— Trish M.

“I deeply enjoyed my time spent in Journal Calling. Eileen’s gentle but ever-present guidance was a highlight of my week. The class is not just enlightening and enriching, but genuinely fun. I loved the connections I made, and really feel like this class has given me tools that I will continue to use for the rest of my life.”
— Eliza M.

“This class has been amazing in so many ways. I have always been a person who writes and journals, but not always on a consistent basis. I was excited to learn so many new techniques to apply to my writing and really get to some of my internal questions.

The community that I met here created a safe space where I felt comfortable being vulnerable. Eileen has created such a positive space and given me new tools to navigate deep questions I have.”
— Sylvia X.

“I love this workshop and have just signed up for my third one!”
— Cheryle P.

“The experience was so worth it. During the time I was taking this course I journaled almost every day and I am trying to keep up with that because I saw such improvement. Eileen did a great job explaining things and answering questions as well as providing supportive feedback. I really enjoyed learning about the different techniques, especially the dialogue. I also liked that it was online so I didn’t have to go out after dinner.”
— Casey R.