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When I write in my own journal, I use the journaling techniques from the Journal-to-the-Self Workshop. However, before I publish them here, I rewrite my thoughts and polish them up — sometimes over several days or weeks — to create stories I hope others may connect to and appreciate. As a former journalist and English teacher, I’ve had many years of writing experience.

I share this because I hear many would-be journalers say, ”I can’t take a Journaling Workshop. I suck at writing,” or “I hate writing.” It’s important to remember that when you write in a journal, it is for your eyes only and your writing ability or past experiences with writing have no bearing.

In a Journal Writing Workshop, you will not be graded on your sentence structure, capitalization, spelling, punctuation or grammar. You will simply be encouraged to express yourself in the pages of your private notebook.

Research has shown if we consistently write down our honest thoughts about our experiences, we are likely to discover what we want and need to live our best lives. My experiences with journaling have proven that to me.